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About Research

Every year, many millions of pounds from the Government and research charities are spent on health research.  This research has changed our lives; in the UK, our life expectancy is now 20 years longer than it was in the 1930's and many diseases that were often fatal or disabling, can now be prevented or cured.  Living longer means we may suffer from illness related to old age, but through more research, conditions such as arthritis and Alzheimers could be prevented or managed better within the next 20 years.

From research we now have:

  • Medicines to treat infection and cure disease
  • Ways to manage and prevent long term illnesses
  • Ways to screen for early signs of disease
  • Treatments to prolong the life of patients with terminal illness


Improving Lives

Many things we now take for granted were the result of research.  Transplant surgery, fertility treatment and chemotherapy are all a result of research which has helped to improve the health and wellbeing of people all over the world  

approaches to research

Drug Discovery and developement

clinical trials

safe sample storage

Safe data storage

who does research?